Welcome to the next edition of the all new Pelobates! We are now cramming even more value into your bi-monthly read. There is much I have to cover so with out any pre-amble I shall continue.

As I am writing this, I am recalling the last visit I made to the cottage. The prime item on the agenda was the "lucky dip caving trip". The point of this was to encourage members to cave with other members with whom they do not usually cave. Unfortunately this was not fully embraced, the organisers should not be discouraged. We are a large club and it is inevitable that sub-cliques will form. The idea behind lucky dip caving is to cave with others . Maybe next time there will be more enthusiasm ?

There is the possibility of getting a high quality club fleece made up by enterprising caving shops. The fleece will be high quality etc. etc. Please see the back of the magazine.

Once again the editor appeals for articles ! There is no excuse for such lackadaisical attitudes - get typing and producing - or else no magazine !

At the time of writing the, editor has just returned from a splendid weekend in Mendip - Many thanks be to Richard Vidler for a good effort. More details later including the best excuse for not going Caving from the editor!

Simon Davies