Mites And Tites Clints And Grikes

One fine Saturday morning Sue Peacock leapt out of her bag in the annex and shouted "Look out ! That boulder choke's got rocks in it !"

George Pankiwiecz on a trip down Cwm Dwr Jama. "Excuse me madam - Do you object to me taking it up the chute" - Those too young to understand can ask their parents.

From the club's newest tame diver "If it didn't sound so bloody painful - I'd become queer !" - Dave Ryall

And now for the editors chance to wax lyrical:-

The Best excuses for NOT going Caving !

1 I'm making Jam !
2 I've had all my kit nicked !
3 I'm Laying a patio !
4 I'll receive junk mail.

Go figure! These are all genuine reasons for not going caving as cited to the editor at many an evening down the PUB !