You may notice that Pelobates No 67 presents a slightly new style. Not only is the front cover professionally produced by desk top publishing courtesy of Chris Grimmet, but the contents are now word processed and printed by myself on my new PC and printer. This means that contributions can now be submitted in a wider variety of formats and printed in much higher quality than before. It should also be possible in future to combine diagrams and text.

I am now using Microsoft Works V3.0. This software will also support Microsoft Word/Word for Windows, Wordperfect and Windows Write, as well as standard text files. Articles should be supplied on 3.5" disks, although I can still copy 5.25" disks across if necessary. If you do have access to a PC, please submit your contributions on disk, and please check the spelling and grammar, as this saves me a huge amount of time and effort.

Finally, I would like to thank Andy Todd for providing the 24 pin dot matrix printer on which this magazine is produced.