Notes for Contributors

There follows some common errors in the use of English which should be avoided by contributors to Pelobates:

1. First and foremost, avoid cliches like the plague.

2. A verb have to agree with it's subject.

3. Avoid abstract nouns; in truth they are not readily understood.

4. Never use no double negatives.

5. It makes sense not to use the same words in two senses in the same sentance.

6. Avoid run-on sentances they are hard to read.

7. Avoid "overuse" of "quotation marks".

8. Avoid all un-necessary hyphens.

9. Do not overuse exclamation marks!!!

10. Always avoid all awkward and affected alliteration.

11. Avoid using the same words over and over and over again.

12. Avoid mixed metaphors; with enough time on your hands you should never end up with egg on your face.

13. Make sure you never a word out.

15. Check any numbers carefully.