I have been moonlighting recently! Apart from the late May Bank Holiday barbecue (thank you Eric and Martyn), I haven't been on a single Croydon Caving Club trip since the end of January. However, I have been on several caving trips with other clubs, mostly in Yorkshire, and mostly thanks to that famous speleo tart Paul Stacey having moved to Leicestershire.

One thing that struck me about these trips was the huge amount of caving that was going on throughout the country and abroad. On a recent visit to the Blacksmiths Arms for an Indoor Meet, I was also surprised to find a circle of Croydon based members, none of whom I really knew very well, who were obviously very involved in the south east caving scene. It is this diversity of caving that I found interesting.

With the return of George Pankiewicz to the UK, Croydon Caving Club is once again a purely British club. However, I believe that the membeship is more widely spread throughout the country today than it ever has been. I know a number of members have, like me, also extended their associations with other clubs.

The purchase of Godre Pentre has created two focal points of the club in Croydon and South Wales. I think both of these are very valuable. I am therefore particularly pleased to note that the committee has arranged to hold a meeting at Godre Pentre on Saturday 25th September to discuss the way the club is run. I would urge you to attend this meeting wherever possible to air your views.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Steve Wray