Cottage News

The cottage is pretty much the same as ever however as caving continues to decline more climbing/outdoors groups have been staying - we are though going into the unknown with the huge rise in oil prices ($93.50 at the time of writing) not only will this significantly increase the operating costs of the cottage but will impact on numbers as people will start to think twice about going away. Some new garden chairs have been bought to replace old ones that had rusted away –these can be used inside –however don’t put them near the lit fire as they will melt !

The shed roof needs repairing and is rotting away – a possible solution is to put a pitch roof on it which can have proper guttering to keep the walls dry – we have enough slates for this but will need lengths of 2x4” (a few nails won`t matter).

We also need another spin dryer as the current one has rusted through and has been bodged up with mastic.

CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club)

We are now an approved CASC which gets us out of any corporation tax liablity and may get the cottage out of council tax which would be a great help.

Chris Crowley