This is the third edition of Pelobates which I have produced as Editor. Each one has featured a photographic cover without a credit. I have therefore been somewhat surprised that no one has asked me what they are pictures of! Whether this is because the photocopies are so poor that no one actually realised that they were photographs, or that everyone instantly recognised them from their 'photographic' memories, I am not sure. However, for completion, the subject material was as follows: Gaping Gill Main Shaft in No 57, Ogof Fynnon Ddu I in No 58, and Bridge Cave Waterfall in this issue.

This completes my current stock of 10 x 7 inch enlargements in portrait format. If anyone else has any photographs which might be suitable, please let me know as this will save me either a. having to lug my camera underground again to take some new photographs (ie. time), or b. having enlargements made from some of my old negatives (ie. money)!

The remainder of the magazine (diagrams and surveys excepted) is produced on my IBM PC XT computer using Smartware I software. If anyone else uses this software, submissions would be very welcome on floppy disk in this format. Alternatively, articles saved as ASCII text files are also suitable. My computer uses 5.25 inch double sided double density disks, but other formats can be copied across. If all this technology is too much, contributions are still accepted on paper aswell.

Material is starting to come in regularly now, but with a small proportion of members providing a large proportion of work. I hope that this will both continue and be supplemented by other members. I have asked some to write about specific topics; if this applies to you, where is it?; if not, think of your own! I look forward to hearing from you all!

Steve Wray