Pelobates Post Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I share the sentiments expressed in your editorial of Pelobates 51 regarding the survey and report of the extensions in White Lady/Pwll-y-Rhyd by Unit 2; but surely the important thing is that a survey has been produced at all, the extension having remained largely unknown since its discovery by divers many years ago.

Upon completion of the current limit of exploration by Croydon members none of those involved felt inclined to return into the cave (for a variety of reasons) and Peter Burgess and Graham Christian's interest in the production of the survey was welcomed as they are prepared to do this work to a painfully high standard. What is a pity is that this project was not undertaken and presented as a joint Croydon/Unit 2 venture rather than perpetuate the historical rivalry between the two clubs. After all, the great majority of Unit 2 members who actually go caving regularly are Croydon members anyway!

Politics aside, I wish through this journal to point out an error in Graham's description of the events leading to non-divers being able to access this section of cave, brief details of which I reported in "Digging News", Croydon Newsletter Nov-Dec 1986. It was in fact Clive Jones and his family who found the low arch entrance in Pwll-y-Rhyd close to the plunge pool and began digging here. Clive later pointed this out to Jon Young who became interested in the spot as a potential resurgence from Pant Mawr and enlisted the help of further Croydon members to continue the work along with Clive's son Ow. After several digging sessions using a low sledge and hauling rope progress through several dozen feet of low passage interspersed with cross rift had been gained with little sign of a breakthrough into larger passage. When several blades of fresh grass had been found adhering to the wall an entrance higher upstream was suspected which was rapidly found by Jon and Dave Kay. Removing several boulders at the edge of the Nedd Fechan streambed a loft climb into a chamber was revealed from which, after further clearance work in low crawls the extensions were re-discovered. It was only later, after further work, that access to the extensions was proved possible via the Pwll-y-Rhyd entrance.

Chris Fry, August 1987.