Editorial - Simon Davies

It is with some regret that I have decided that I will stand down as editor after the next edition. Pressures of work and having a life preclude the editing of such an august journal. More accurately I am fed up to the back teeth with the hassle.

I have pleaded to get articles and the erratic publications are a result of my desire to publish fewer and fewer journals but of a greater quality and hopefully interest. Being editor is a privilege and a pain. You get to read the articles first, but somehow you have to get them in the first place. The document you see before you is mainly the work of the contributors but there are a few people whose behind the scenes efforts ensure that we publish in formats and quality un-thought of a few years ago for very little money.

Now it is time for a whinge. It has come to my attention (i.e. by being unavailable to attend the AGM) that there were a few complaints regarding the distribution of the last edition. There were even a few accusations….

The editor sets the record straight:-

1. The magazine is reliant on other peoples spare time for photocopying and printing.
2. These people cannot always print 120 copies at a time (try photocopying 3600 pages and see)
3. This usually gets done in batches when they can.
4. This year the person made a special effort and was able to provide me with about 30 copies in early December. I took the decision to distribute these at the annual dinner and the rest when possible.
5. Distribution is then based on the order in which the labels come off the printer.

If the individuals are concerned with any aspects of the above I will be happy to discuss them personally as well as their forthcoming offers for photocopying, collating, stamp licking, envelope stuffing and label sticking J.

The next edition will contain the following:-
Vietnam - When I get writing
Tower Colliery by Keef
Merstham ageing by Martin Hatton.

Notes to contributors - wherever possible pre-typed MS-word 97 files are preferred - if you are going to send me data please remember to run it through a rudimentary spell check first as this saves me a lot of time. The following conventions assist in maintaining the look of the magazine:

1. Align the text to the left rather than justifying.
2. Remember commas are our friends
3. Two spaces after a full stop, one after a comma
4. 1 Line break after a paragraph.


Simon Davies