Cottage News

A new gate post has been put in and the gate carefully rehung so that it operates without scraping etc.-it will however not stand being stood, leant or being swung on so if you see anyone doing so politely ask them to sod off!

Someone in the Village has apparently complained about the large number of our cars in the Car park at Easter (perhaps we should start complaining about the large number of their dog turns in our garden! ).In fact at least some of these were from people using the village hall however we ought to take some notice of this as we can have 20 cars around by putting as many as possible in the garden and sharing travel where this is practicable. We are also working on the old entrance to the Cottage so that at peak times we can get cars into the that end of the garden.

Items Required

Fridge with reasonable inside, upright vac (must have height adjuster), scaffolding poles, china dinner plates, teaspoons, pumps f any description, generator, petrol lawn mower.