Tales from the Catacombs

40 Years Ago

We have sold, for ten pounds, our 250’ of heavy duty nylon rope. Tony has also sold an old 60’ length for one pound. Unfortunately this leaves us with only two good ropes; so we shall not be seeing much change out of that £11

- Pelobates 7, February 1969

30 Years Ago

At the A.G.M. in January it was suggested that we should move our Friday night venue to other premises. Perhaps the proposer had not read the report of our present hostelry that is given in ‘The Drinking Man’s Guide to Surrey Pubs’ by John Booth: “There has been a Catherine Wheel inn sign in the town since the 16th century and its tradition of hospitable welcome for the traveller is well maintained by the newest pub to use it....The Catherine Wheel is evidently the sort of place that clubs make a home in - there’s a notice board for  the local caving society and the underwater swimming club.” It may, or may not, be significant that, in spite of the Club being omitted from the local caving guide, it is included in the local drinking guide!

- Pelobates 37, August 1979

20 Years Ago

The Club Chairman has requested that Pelobates make it quite clear that he is not the P.S. referred to on page 3. Since that P.S. is clearly suffering such speleophilia that he is “mainlining” on real, active caving the editor cannot believe that anyone could have mistaken him for the Chairman.

- Pelobates 54, February 1989

10 Years Ago

In the last edition of Pelobates - Chris Fry furnished us with a conundrum, a solution was promised - alas due to various circumstances we cannot bring you the solution. However here is some light music and a couple of additional items

- Pelobates 78, August 1999