A Dictionary of Karst and Caves
D Lowe & T Waltham BCRA 1995 40pp Softbound £2.75

This, the sixth in the BCRA's series of booklets connected with various caving topics, follows the previous A5 format. It is not the most exciting of bedtime reading being a glossary of terms used in caving and karst morphology. However, it would prove a very useful document to add to any caver's library just in case you wanted to know the meaning of authochthonous drainage or suffusion doline or indeed the difference between rillenkarren and rundkarren.

Thankfully it is also able to explain more recognisable terms such as cave, stalactite or stalagmite just in case you were in any doubt. The booklet ends with a nice little chart setting out the geological divisions in the UK (i.e. Cretaceous, carboniferous etc.) and the relative occurrence of cave in each type of rock.

An interesting browse and a good buy for the price.

Descent Index 110 - 121
C Howes. Wild places publishing 1995. 28pp Soft bound £3.95

Chris Howes has produced yet another labour of love in this very detailed index to the last 10 editions of Descent. Not a very exciting bed time read, but a very useful research tool. An essential for any caving library.

Allan Ockenden