Mites and Tites Clints And Grikes

Alas, a poor showing from our verbose members. Not a single entry from our chairman - who must be slipping

"You know the problem with air crashes is that the planes always miss the ground !" - R Vidler - inebriated

"I'm always shagged senseless on a Sunday night !" P. Stacey - inebriated.

Competition News

Don't forget our annual photo competition.

Categories will this year include:

· Best print - caving
· Best slide - caving
· Club life / humour
· Best non caving print / slide

We don't have a celebrity judge yet - but we will try !

Again the photo competition will be set up before the annual dinner and judged just before - we are usually too pissed after.

For general discussion Ron Smith has passed me this list of all the Pubs ever inhabited by Croydon Caving Club.

64 - 65 Clifton Arms S. Norwood
66 - 67 Boathouse S. Norwood
67 - 70 The Ship, High St. S. Norwood
70 - 77 The Star, Broad Green Croydon
77 - 83 Catherine Wheel S. Croydon
83 - 96 The Blacksmith's S. Croydon
96 - Swan and Sugar Loaf S. Croydon

Oh and

70 - The New Inn Ystradfellte

Ron suggests a trip down memory lane and a pub crawl !

Now turn overleaf for this month's Handy Caving Hint