Mites and Tites

Letters to the editor

I have received the following letter, to me it illustrates the hell that I must bear as editor of this journal.

Deer Editer,

Their haz bean sum diskushun rearguarding weather thee klub magizeen Pelobates is spell-chekked befour publicasion. Az a qualitee kontrole cheque, I rite this lettre wundering if it will bee (a) inclewded, (b) edited, (c) spelchequed, and await Pelobates 76 with antisipashun.



Answers: a) Yes, b)no point c)oh yes

A travelling Fry - remember all those handy hints ? - was heard to say on a recent trip to the big apple whilst on his 3rd visit to Times Square "You know this looks just like times square". Sad but untreatable we hear.

General items

  1. A new membership list is attached, please contact Vicki if there are any changes or errors on the sheet.
  2. Croydon now has two websites - point your browser at http/ you can link from there to Chris Crowley's pages on the cottage.


As ever this will be held at the annual dinner in December and again a celebrity judge will preside. Get snapping - categories will be announced later.